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Doff steam cleaning is the ultimate masonry and stone cleaning solution as the unique machine utilises a high-water temperature within the system, the actual pressure applied to the area is very gentle and the actual volume of water dispersed onto the cleaning area is surprisingly low. This results in the surface not becoming saturated and the area typically dries within a few minutes. This is why doff stone cleaning is growing in popularity across the United Kingdom.

The Doff steam cleaning superheated water vapour removes paint, algae, moss, fungi and a range of other biological matter and also has the potential to kill off spores. This means the use of chemical biocide is not needed during the cleaning process. Furthermore, upon doff cleaning completion, protection against further biological activity using chemical biological activity is not needed.

The Comprehensive Group is a chosen doff cleaning contractor, utilising the machine to clean a range of surfaces. Including but not limited to brick, stone, concrete, glazing, wood and terracotta.
Typical areas of a building which are perfect for undertaking doff steam cleaning:
• Roof cleans of delicate tiles and pointing.
• Brick and Block cleaning by removing organic matter from the surface or building grime during renovation or new construction works.
• Render refurbishments to improve the external appearance and increase life-span
• Stone cleaning is a Doffs most used application. Ideal for cleaning natural and polished stone, copings, monuments, pillars and even paving slabs.
• Any areas affected by staining, paint or oil particles.

As the Doff system uses super-heated steam, no harmful chemicals are needed and when used outside, debris needs to be separated and the water will simply drain away into the ground, leaving no residue or any trace of harmful chemicals.

Regardless of the area of concern which is requiring doff steam cleaning, we have certainly completed a similar high-level or difficult access clean-up previously. Our in-house project team are able to propose a safe method of works to ensure the stone cleaning is completed causing minimal disruption to the building occupants and surrounding public. Our site teams are adept in working out of hours or at weekends to undertake the doff cleaning works. Our in-house doff cleaning contractor team will be able to supply all the required access equipment and the accompanying pedestrian & traffic management requirements to ensure the project is completed with minimal disruptions and health and safety at the forefront of any operation.

Doff steam cleaning, coupled with The Comprehensive Groups total access capabilities, offers the potential for an entire building envelop to be cleaned. This is why The Comprehensive Group are a chosen Doff cleaning contractor for a number of nationwide facility management firms.

To discuss your doff cleaning requirement or simply more information on doff cleaning cost, contact us today.

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