Specialist commercial façade and glazing consultants, The Comprehensive Group. We are a leader in the field of commercial glazing inspections, safety and compliance audits, specification and refurbishment solutions to glazed facades, atrium's, windows and roof-lights to buildings across the UK and mainland-Europe.

The Comprehensive Group’s technical team is formed from some of the most highly experienced and time-served industry professionals within the commercial façade and glazing industry.

Not only do we conduct the inspections, reports and schedule of works we also offer our clients our specialist knowledge by way of overseeing their projects which are being conducted by a third party. Typically, we will specify the required works package and supply budget costing, we will overview all health and safety, we will overview all proposed materials and replacement parts, we will inspect the installation during the works and we will test and sign-off on behalf of the client upon completion. This way of working ensures our clients full confidence in the works being undertaken to meet best practice, to the highest standard of finish and with health and safety at the forefront of all operations.

The Comprehensive Group’s specialist technical team offer a wide range of glazing inspection and report services covering the entire building envelope; including glazed roof atrium's, roof-lights, curtain wall facades, canopies, windows, balustrades and internal building glazing.

All of our glazing inspections are tailored to the exact requirement of each client and these will typically cover condition and dilapidation, H&S and compliance, structural integrity, visual and intrusive inspection.

Our client reports are comprehensive including a full photographic schedule of conditions covering all defects and health and safety concerns, specification of all glazing and system components, prioritized rectification recommendations along with recommendations of component serviceable lifespan allowing for planned future budgeting and maintenance of the glazing system.

The Comprehensive Group also offer specialist investigation inspections reports on failed glazing, incorrect façade construction, full client representation and expert witness services, we also have the specialist analysis facility to identify NSI and other types of inclusions causing glazing failure.

Further to our Inspection services The Comprehensive Group is a one stop for our clients and we are specialist in the delivery of high level difficult access façade projects and we have inspected, specified and undertaken extensive glass replacements, leak repair solutions, window servicing to full facade refurbishments projects across the UK.

We understand that our clients can sometimes have little or no knowledge of the commercial glazing sector and our services are specifically designed to suit this and ensure our clients receive value for money and works that have been conducted to the Iighest standards. Often our works are conducted at height or in location where it is difficult for our clients to inspect, with this in mind all works conducted for our clients are photographically scheduled from start to finish and weekly reports are issued to assist and involve our clients throughout the progression of their projects.
For many years’ members of The Comprehensive Group team have undertaken and safely delivered extensive high-profile projects on many of the UK’s most prestigious buildings working alongside leading architects, construction and building management companies.

The Comprehensive Group are specialist in high level difficult access projects and have our own fully trained and highly experienced IRATA rope access technicians allowing us to offer a superior cost-effective solution to accessing many buildings that do not have a BMU, it also alleviates the requirement for disruptive and expensive scaffolding options.

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