Glass Curtain Wall Repair – Milton Keynes

Glass curtain wall repair to The Pinnacle Milton Keynes via truck mounted MEWP.

The Pinnacle, Milton Keynes is a 190,000 sq ft office block in the centre of Milton Keynes, constructed by two adjoining ‘L’ shaped buildings, Building A and Building B, constructed around a central courtyard. In total The Pinnacle has seven floors with glazed curtain walling providing the building façade. 

The Comprehensive Group being high level, difficult access glazing experts, the management firm of The Pinnacle contacted us and instructed that a glass curtain wall repair to a damaged section was needed.

During initial survey and inspection of the glass curtain wall repair section, initial thoughts were the unit had faced impact which had caused the breakage. Our purchasing team managed to source a like for like glass spec replacement so the building owners, inhabitants and anyone passing would not see that the unit had been replaced.

Due to the high level location of the damaged glass curtain wall section, the project team opted for the truck mounted MEWP to enable to glazing technicians to be manoeuvred into position, in front of the glazed façade. With teams inside and outside of the glazed curtain wall section, the repair was carried out with safety at the forefront of any decision. We also arranged to conduct the works outside of normal working hours, on a Sunday morning. This was discussed with the client and agreed as the least obtrusive and unaffecting solution for the tenants inside The Pinnacle.

During the project, our in house photographer captured the shots below and pieced the video together to show the entire glass curtain wall repair operation. Simply click on the play arrow button below to see our high level glazing team in action. 

Birmingham based rope access and high level, difficult access experts, The Comprehensive Group has experience in accessing some of the most difficult glazed curtain walled sections of a building in the United Kingdom. More so, we have the equipment, trained technicians and expert knowledge to be able to carry out the required works to the highest of standard. From initial enquiry we will have regular contact right through to project completion and servicing of any guarantees offered.

As such, please do not hesitate in contacting us today to discuss your glass curtain wall repair.