The Comprehensive Group has IRATA trained rope access technicians who have a background in conducting commercial building surveys and inspections. These surveys and inspections are carried out across the UK, on a range of buildings; from commercial office blocks to high-rise apartments.

Rope access surveys are becoming more popular due to the ease of set-up and compete flexibility an abseiler can offer compared to a cradle system or MEWP solution. Our teams of abseil technicians are employed by our clients to carry out building inspections either on an annual basis, to inspect an area of concern or when a building is being sold. An abseil inspection means the inspection is carried out rapidly and is proven to cause the least amount of disruption to building occupants and the general public. The swiftness of an abseil survey and inspection is down to the fact there is no need to erect scaffolding, constant MEWP repositioning or cradle limitations.

Rope access building surveys and building inspections are key to ensuring health and safety requirements are met. Building surveys and building inspections are becoming mandatory across the UK and set criteria are being set out to ensure the survey and inspection meets the items set out by a health and safety specialists at regular periods.

Due to the nature of abseiling as an access method and the versatilities of it, a wide range of buildings and structures can be surveyed and inspected. Our key building surveys and inspections generally cover:

- Inspection of stonework for deterioration, spalling and corrosion of fixings

- Inspection of brickwork, looking for cracks, slips or settlement issues

- Inspection of cavities and obscure / hidden fixings

- Inspection of external wall tiles for deterioration and signs of ageing

- Inspection of Glazing panels, glass curtain walling, atria and windows

- Inspection of mastics and sealants

- Inspection of steel / metal structures looking for signs of corrosion

- Inspection of cladding systems

After our abseil technicians have completed the building survey, we’ll then compile a bound report detailing the defects found and also accompanying photos so you can clearly see the issues discovered. To conclude we will then provide a fully itemised quotation to conduct the required remedial repairs.

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