Recent changes in health and safety recommendations has seen Safety Netting become the preferred method of fall arrest when working at height. Safety netting has been designed to predominantly protect the workforce from injury or death whilst working at height. There are stringent standards of safety netting required for the protection of falls from height. The safety net must be manufactured to meet these stringent standards, backed by a pass certificate.

The Comprehensive Group are able to supply and install purpose-built safety netting solutions to either protect the working area below from debris or protect workers from falls at height. Our IRATA trained abseil technicians are also FASET trained which means we are fully qualified to install safety nets.

The installation of safety netting primarily has the aim to reduce injury in the case of a fall from height. By absorbing the energy of a falling body, safety netting will reduce the impact and it is used as an overall protection system that is always in place for those who are working above, therefore should not require any input from those working people. It should be left, untouched, unless a worker falls onto the netting. During the installation process, rope access / abseiling is the preferred method due to it’s adaptability and versatility. Safety netting is becoming increasingly popular within the UK construction industry. For the best possible safety results, the netting should be installed close to 2 meters from the working area.

Like all materials used in the construction industry, there is a limited life span and safety netting should be checked and tested rigorously for wear and tear, deterioration and damages. This is a service The Comprehensive Group can assist with.

Not only can safety netting be installed to catch humans, but it can also be used to catch debris, again being installed by abseil technicians.

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