The Comprehensive Group are able to provide IRATA trained rope access technicians who are specialists in corrective repairs to commercial buildings at height. Painting and restoration is a critical requirement of a building’s maintenance plan. By choosing to use abseiling to access the building envelope means that even the trickiest or obscure areas can be reached. You are not withheld by limitations of building cradles or by the time and costs of erecting scaffolding so the painting and restoration works can be conducted faster and more cost effectively. Opting to paint a building via abseil as the access method will also provide a better quality finish overall. The abseil technician will be placed directly in front of the area which requires attention and the paint will be consistent across the building. This is not the case if the contractor relies on extension poles and ladders as they will always be overreaching.

Choosing to use rope access to carry out building restoration works means building inhabitants can carry on with their daily lives and not be interrupted nor be present during the works. This again minimises the disruption to an occupants daily routine.

Our vast experience in working on commercial buildings will always see us assess the area which requires attention and then we will advise of what restoration works should be carried out. We offer a complete service, from initial site survey through to preparing the area, applying the final cost and full clean down of the works area. During our proposal we will detail the step by step process so the client fully knows what is required and how we will achieve the end result.

We’ve worked across the United Kingdom successfully delivering abseil painting contracts and this history of contracts means we are able to advise and recommend the best paint materials for ultimate weather protection and longevity whilst also ensuring the aesthetics needs of the client are met.

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