Day in, day out the need for technicians to work at height is ever present and their daily tasks should be completed with safety at the forefront and that is where The Comprehensive Group can help. We are here to offer you a fall protection solution to make the working day or night safer.

Modern construction, buildings and structures becoming taller and more extreme, falls are an every day hazard and rank amongst the highest workplace incident for causing serious injury. Therefore, fall protection is an area which rightly deserves complete attention and investment, and The Comprehensive Group work nationwide in offering solutions to your fall protection requirements.

Our fall protection solutions are created from initial enquiry right through to installation, certification and recertification at a later date. We can provide solutions for new build constructions or for modernisation to existing structures and buildings. We are becoming known as a company who provide excellent customer service, rapid response time and a complete understanding of current rules and regulations along with solutions for everyday challenges.

Our more popular fall protection service is the certification and recertification of abseiling anchors. It is a requirement that single point abseiling anchors must be tested, certified and inspected every 6 months by a suitable qualified person. The Comprehensive Group are able to test, inspect and certify or recertify abseil anchor points as we are CFA qualified for eye bolt testing. Furthermore, any installation and recertification of Fall Protection needs to be carried out by a suitably trained person and certified company. The Comprehensive Group can assist you with your Fall Protection requirements as our range of Fall Protection Services include:

- Testing and Recertification
- Latchways Systems
- Fall Protection Anchor Points
- Abseil Systems

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