Glazing which is leaking is not only highly disruptive, it also presents a high-risk health and safety issue. When the glazing in question is at height or in a difficult to access location, the use of abseiling to reaching the glazing face and conduct the seal repairs is the best solution.

The Comprehensive Group has a great understanding of the construction of many glazing systems and understand the reliance glazing systems have on their gaskets and seals in keeping them weather tight. It is therefore significant to keep up to date with servicing the glazing system and routinely inspecting the glass and seals of the glazing system. A glazing system which leaks can be as a result of poor maintenance, but it can also be from the original design or poor installation.

The Comprehensive Group has worked on commercial buildings across the UK, successfully delivering numerous leak detection and rectification works using rope access technicians. Our method of works will usually see the site team strip back the area which is leaking to find the route cause. We will then ‘re-build’ the glazing area using system compatible components; back-up membranes, weather gaskets, new fixings and sealants. Upon completion, client witness water tests will be carried out before handing the site back over to the client.

Being an abseil access provider means we can access the most difficult, high level glazing and our trained technicians will be able to carry out the required leak detection but also rectification works to the glazing face.

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