Pest control measures and bird proofing is available through The Comprehensive Group’s team of abseil technicians.

Installing bird netting is a proven method of eradicating birds from your building, like abseiling, bird netting can be used to cover the entire building envelope. Protecting decorative features, building facades and any area a bird may like as a roosting location. Bird netting is one of the most humane ways to deal with deterring birds as the birds are not harmed as the areas become inaccessible thus protecting the area.

Bird nettings are available in a range of gauges, designed specifically to exclude different species of birds and also a range of colours to blend in with the building. During our initial site inspection, we will discover the species of bird and then when our abseil technicians return to conduct the bird netting installation the gauge of netting to deter the birds will be installed.

Away from bird netting installation, we are able to provide and install other alternatives to deal humanly with pests and birds. Opting to The Comprehensive Group to install your bird deterrent by abseil means we can reach and install deterrents to obscure and hard to access areas. Our deterrents can be installed in prime roosting spots, for example ledges, beams, window sills, rafters, roof tops, signs, gutters, chimney pots and tiles to name but a few key problematic areas.

Our deterrents and controlling methods are humane and the birds will not be harmed in any way. Our second most popular deterrent is bird spiking and usually the site which requires attention will be best suited for a combination of bird netting and bird spike installs. Again, like all our other services, the best access method and solution will be decided during the initial site survey.

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