Glazing Refurbishment – Aylesbury

Atrium glazing refurbishment to a site in Aylesbury, England by The Comprehensive Group, high level and difficult access experts.

A property management firm contact The Comprehensive Group as they were struggling to find a reputable company to undertake glazing refurbishment to two damaged and cracked double glazed units located overhead in a glazed atrium. The difficult access nature of the location of the damaged units meant rope access was the best and safest access option. As the glazed atrium had not been accessed since it’s original construction, there were no certified anchor points for our IRATA trained abseil technicians to safely secure to. As part of the works, The Comprehensive Group installed temporary anchor bolts in the masonry wall so the glazing technicians had a secure anchor point to work from / work off to gain access to the glazed atrium.

Once our IRATA trained glazing technicians accessed the roof, they proceeded to strip down the glazed atrium system, remove the damaged units one at a time by using a suction lifter to remove and bring the glazed units to ground level for safe disposal. After each glazed unit was safely removed, our ground technicians attached the new glazed units onto the suction lifter and crane operator safely manoeuvred the new units into the opening. Once the new units were in place, our glazing technicians fitted them and re-assembled the atrium roof. Upon successful installation of the two new glazed units, our rope access technicians then undertook a complete clean down of the existing glazed atrium, cleaning the roof and side walls to make it look as good as new…a true glazing refurbishment job!

We even captured all the works in the video below!

If you have a glazed atrium or high level, difficult access site which requires remedial works, contact The Comprehensive Group today!