Leak Detection and Repair – Taunton

Leak detection and repair to Taunton shopping centre using high level access equipment.

The Country Walk Shopping Centre in Taunton, England, had been experiencing water ingress through their atrium. With winter now here, the constant leaks were causing a health and safety issue for shopping centre visitors and store owners. The leaking atrium was not the only issue with the glazed structure, some of the overhead units had cracked and posed a safety issue.

As The Comprehensive Group has a great understanding of the construction of many glazing systems, particularly glazed atriums. Paired with our vast understanding the reliance glazing systems have on their gaskets and seals in keeping them weather tight. It is therefore significant to keep up to date with servicing the glazing system and routinely inspecting the glass and seals of the glazing system. An atrium which leaks can be as a result of poor maintenance, but it can also be from the original design or poor installation. Using this knowledge, experience and expertise, our glazing team were able to undertake leak detection and repair works to the entire glazed atrium system.

Due to the sites opening hours and heavy footfall in the run up to Christmas, our projects team arranged to undertake the leak detection and repair works out of normal working hours. By opting to carry out the project during the night meant minimal disruption would occur to the shopping centre visitors and the shop tenants / owners.

After initial site inspection and discussion regarding budget allocation, the cost to access the glazing externally to undertake repairs, our glazing technicians opted to make safe the defective, broken glazed units internally. Using a 175 micron safety film, each unit had film applied. Upon successful installation of the safety film, the team then began sealing down the underside of each mullion for retention but also to create a weather proof seal to stop the water ingress.

As a result of the glazed atrium location and site access restrictions, our project team spec’d a mobile spider-crane to manoeuvre to the underside of the glazed unit and conduct the leak detection and repair works.

After the team had undertook the safety film application to the glazed units, the team then re-sealed the entire atrium, cleaned down the surface area and ground below before client inspection and sign-off.

If you have a glazed atrium which is in need of leak detection and repair works, contact us today to discuss.