Multiple Glass Replacements – Solihull

Multiple glass replacements completed using a range of high-level difficult access equipment including a mini crane to manoeuvre the glass units into position and MEWPs to access the building façade.

For this multiple glass replacements project, The Comprehensive Group were contacted by a facility management firm who are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of an office building located in Solihull, inhabited by E.On. As a result of the damaged and cracked units’ location on the building, a company who specialises in high level and difficult access were needed.

Prior to carrying out the works, our project team visited the site to inspect the damaged units and discuss the best access method with the customer. After arriving on site, it was clear to see these multiple glass replacements were not going to be straight forward. During inspection, we highlighted several units that needed replacing. A site visit and measure were arranged shortly after so the glazed units could be ordered as soon as possible. There were a range of defects with the glazed units that had been highlighted for replacement. This ranged from cracked units and blown units.

The Comprehensive Groups procurement team sourced like for like replacements so the building owners and inhabitants would not see the new versus old units from ground level nor up close.   

Once the replacement units were ready and delivered to our HQ, our project team arranged for the multiple glass replacements project to be undertaken.

During the operation, our glazing experts utilised a range of access equipment. MEWPs were used to reach the glazing aperture for our trained and experienced site staff. Alongside the use of a mini crane to manoeuvre the units into position. The mini crane was needed because of the difficult access locations of the damaged units which required replacing but also due to the size and weight of the new glazed units.

During the operation, the works were captured on video and available for viewing by clicking the play button below. This shows our high level, difficult access expertise in use. completing the multiple glass replacements with MEWPs and cranes playing a pivotal role.

If you have a high level glazing refurbishment project or difficult access glass replacements that need to take place, contact us today to discuss and arrange your initial site survey so we can become your chosen high level difficult access partner.