Curtain Wall Repair – Wakefield

Curtain Wall Repair using glazing robot. During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Comprehensive Group were contacted by the Car Shop to carry out the repair of a large section of glazed curtain walling to one of their car showrooms in Wakefield.

The large glass unit section, measuring over 15 sqm, of the car show room’s curtain walling was damaged in a recent storm. Due to the size and weight of the glazed unit, The Comprehensive Group utilised a Winlet 600 to replace the damaged unit with new glazed unit. Using the glazing robot is becoming a popular access solution for The Comprehensive Group as the robot offers ease of movement for the oversized glazing units, security and safety compared to manual handling.

Curtain Wall Repair is a growing service for us. With the increase in glazed curtain walling being used within the construction of homes, office blocks through to factory and car showrooms, it’s inevitable that damage to the glazing will occur and replacement and repairs will be required.

The Comprehensive Group’s curtain wall service not only covers the repair and replacement of damaged or failing glazed units. We are able to conduct condition inspections and reports, full cleans either after construction completion or annual cleans. Our difficult access expertise means that high level or unique constructed structures are accessible.

We have experience of accessing some of the most difficult glazed curtain walled sections of a building in the United Kingdom. More so, we have the equipment, trained technicians and expert knowledge to be able to carry out the required works to the highest of standard. From initial enquiry we will have regular contact right through to project completion and servicing of any guarantees offered.
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Whilst the glazing team carried out the glazed curtain wall replacement, we captured the project which can be viewed below!