Sash Window Repairs – Bath

Sash window repairs to a building in Bath, England. 

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by a main contractor who were managing the overall refurbishment and upgrade to a commercial property located in central Bath. The building on the first and second floor had wooden sash windows which were well past their best and required several sash window repairs. Typically access would have been easy and non-specialists if the sash windows were easily accessible. However, due to the buildings construction on a corner of two streets and in a heavily built up area, floor space was at a premium. To the rear of the building, floor space here was near non-existent.

After initial site survey and inspection to not only highlight the sash window repairs that were needed but also access method was looked at and decided upon. Once our project team had devised an access plan, we discussed this with the client so they were fully aware of how we were going to access the windows and how the repairs were going to be undertaken. In order to access the units and conduct the sash window repairs, a scaffold tower was needing to be erected. This enabled our glazing team reach the main roof of the building. After gaining access to the main roof, the IRATA trained abseil technicians could then install anchor bolts so the rope access technicians could then descend the building and access the sash windows to undertake the refurbishments to the sash windows below main roof level. 

During the works, the glazing rope access team restored all sash windows to a working order externally. After external repairs were conducted, the team then entered in the internal building and continued repairs works to the internal window faces. Internal and external repairs included the cutting back of rotted areas, re-fitting sills, filling all gaps in the framework and re-painting the window frames, internally and externally.

After successful repairs the project management team then completed a walk round inspection with our client, before handing back and signing off the works.

All works were conducted during normal working hours and over multiple days due to the volume of windows requiring repairs.

If you have sash windows installed on a commercial building and are requiring either repairs or replacements, please contact us today to discuss and arrange your free site survey.

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