Embankment Survey – Lincoln Castle

Embankment Survey to Lincoln Castle by rope access specialist, The Comprehensive Group.

Lincoln Castle is a major Norman castle overlooking Lincoln Cathedral, the City and surrounding countryside. The castle itself is rather unique as it has two mottes surrounding the structure, one of only two in the UK to feature the double motte. Open daily to the public, Lincoln Castle has a high footfall and the old structure needs to be regularly checked for any adverse ground movements. Part of this regular maintenance are embankment survey. These surveys will inspect and report to the Castle owners of any potential issues. Subsidence of the land / grounds surrounding the Castle is no dissimilar to a home owners inspection for subsidence. Subsidence will occur when the ground underneath a structure sinks. As the ground moves lower, the foundations of the building can become misaligned. It can be particularly problematic when the ground under a property or building is singing at different rates. As Lincoln Castle is deemed a national treasure, surveys and inspects are a must to ensure the Castle remains in the best condition as possible. The restrictive nature of the Castle site means Rope Access is the perfect access method to conduct the required works.

Split over the course of several days, The Comprehensive Group were instructed by Lincolnshire County Council to assist with their main contractor to carry out the required embankment survey. Our IRATA trained rope access technicians main task during the project was to position the grade stick for the surveyors across the entire site. The grade stick and accompanying levels were required so the surveyors can closely monitor any subsidence.

Not your typical rope access project but completing projects like this with safety at the forefront of any operation, really shows The Comprehensive Groups varying skillset and years of industry gained experienced. So if you have a standard or more unique project which requires difficult access experts, then contact us today.