Anchor Bolt Installation – Coventry Train Station

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by main contractor Buckingham Group who are undertaking a station wide upgrade to Coventry Train Station. West Midlands based rope access company were required to carry out anchor bolt installations as part of the station upgrade. Along with the anchor bolt installation, motion sensors were required to be installed to a retaining wall as a means to monitor any movement as a consequence of ongoing piling works on the stations refurbishment and upgrade works.
The sites restricted access meant the best method to access the retaining wall was via rope access. As this was the first time the wall would be accessed in recent years, a long row of anchor bolts were required to be installed prior to installing the motion sensors. The anchor bolts act as a secure platform for our rope access technicians to work from to carry out the movement sensor works. In total 40 anchor bolts were installed and certified by our trained rope access technicians.
Upon successful installation of the anchor bolts, the IRATA trained rope access technicians could then access the entire retaining wall face to install the motion detectors in their designated locations.
The accompanying pictures show The Comprehensive Groups rope access technicians installing and testing the anchor bolts and motion detectors at the railway station.

The Comprehensive Group can offer anchor bolt installation, testing and maintenance for a wide range of customers including property management firms, main contractors, facility managers, steel erection companies and scaffold contractors from the West Midlands and across the United Kingdom.
Large scale or small intensive scale testing and installation can be undertaken. The Comprehensive Group has the experience and training to be able to carry out the necessary drilling and framework associated with the testing and installation of anchor bolts. Like the project at Coventry Station, we can undertake eye bolt testing for safety harness eye bolts to meet the industry standards. This can also include the testing of ladder restraint hooks and most ring bolts in concrete or masonry can be tested and certified.

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