Atrium Repair – Windermere

Atrium roof repair to Lakeland retail store in Windermere, Lake District, United Kingdom.

Birmingham based rope access glazing specialists, The Comprehensive Group, were contacted by Lakeland’s retail group’s Facility Manager to investigate and repair a glazed atrium to one of their flagship stores located in Windermere, Lake District, UK.

The retail store had been experiencing continued water ingress through the glazed atrium, causing disruption to the business and a major H&S potential issue to their customers. Upon initial site visit and survey, our glazing experts identified the areas of concern. After further investigation works, it was evident that substandard previous repairs had been undertaken. Accessing the glazed atrium was not the easiest due to the height and size of the structure. IRATA trained rope access technicians were required to safely reach the glazing face and conduct the required atrium repairs.

First part of the repair works was to strip back the old, dilapidated system and remove all previous repairs. This would ensure the new repairs would be most effective in stopping any water getting through the glazed atrium and onto the shop floor. After stripping / removing all defective / old repairs, The Comprehensive Group’s glazing technicians then conducted the repairs. Installing new butt seals, butyl tape, along with the installation of new plates and caps to the glazed atrium.

Upon successful water test, full clean down and hand-over to client, a 10-year water ingress warranty was issued to the client, with a yearly service plan of the new system. This will not only ensure the system is fully working and water-tight but also highlight any issues before they become a problem!

During the works we captured the atrium repair on video, which can be viewed below, and accompanying work shots below.

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