Bird Proofing – Birmingham

Bird proofing to Temple Row, Birmingham using a range of high level and difficult access methods to get the project completed and receive total client satisfaction.

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by a global facility management company who required a difficult access company to carry out a range of bird proofing measures to a high profile commercial building and surrounding grounds. Located in the centre of Birmingham and close to our company’s HQ, the site had been experiencing a growing issue with nesting birds and required a human solution to move the birds on, stopping the excess levels of bird guano causing damage to the building.

During our pre-commencement visit, we discussed various bird proofing options and the client agreed a range of measures would be needed to ensure the nuisance Pigeons were humanly discouraged from nesting and the site’s Seagull population were also encouraged to move onto pastures new.

The first part of the project required our Technicians to carry out a full building exterior clean. Using jet washers via rope access and scaffold towers, depending on the area of concern, all Pigeon guano was washed away so the surface area was clean and fully prepared for bird deterrent spikes to be installed. Main areas of preference to the roosting Pigeon’s were window ledges and you can see in the site images below our Technicians installing several Pigeon Wires to the window ledges.

After successfully jet washing down the building facade and installing bird spikes, the team then moved onto the second part of the pest control project. On the roof of the building a large number of Seagulls had established themselves and needed moving on. During the second part of the project, the site team removed all moss from the roof level, washed and cleaned to the roof, finally installing bird netting across the entire roof to stop the Seagulls from nesting in the area.

The final part of the project involved using scaffold towers to reach other key high areas that the birds like to roost on. Again a full clean down of the area was required first then bird spikes installed to act as a human deterrent.

The below gallery shows the range of access methods used and the Technicians carrying out the various preparation works and installation of pest control measures.

Our deterrents and controlling methods are humane and the birds will not be harmed in any way. Our second most popular deterrent is bird spiking and usually the site which requires attention will be best suited for a combination of bird netting and bird spike installs. Again, like all our other services, the best access method and solution will be decided during the initial site survey.

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