Cladding Panel Replacement – Birmingham

Cladding panel replacement to high rise Birmingham city centre building by The Comprehensive Group.

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by a main contractor who required several cladding panel replacement to be undertaken as part of a wider refurbishment programme of works. Conventional machine access to reach the cladding panels was not possible due to the cladding panels location and restricted access at the building’s ground level.

The main contractor opted for rope access over scaffolding for two key reason; time-scale for project completion and access costs. The overall refurbishment programme was on-schedule but the project deadline was fast approaching. In order to not interfere with the main refurbishment works being undertaken during normal work hours, The Comprehensive Group agreed the most optimum time period to complete the cladding panel replacements was over one weekend.

After initial site survey and issuing of RAMS, by our in-house Project Management Team, our IRATA trained rope access technicians completed the cladding panel replacements with ease. Our rope access team utilised two IRATA trained technicians on the external building facade, coupled with two roof-top abseilers and additional ground based operators to complete the numerous cladding panel replacements.

The entire project was captured in the below photo album but also video edit to truly depict the rope access technicians at work.

Watch the below video and explore our photo gallery of the cladding panel replacement using rope access by The Comprehensive Group. 

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