Emergency Cladding Repair at Height – Cardiff

High level cladding repair due to adverse weather. Recent high winds had taken their toll on the twelve floor high-rise accommodation building in Cardiff and ripped a cladding panel clean off it’s supporting joists. Not only leaving exposed brickwork and a potential water ingress area to the main building but also an eye-sore to the building exterior. 

The Comprehensive Group’s procurement team were challenged with sourcing an exact match to ensure the cladding repair was in keeping with the rest of the accommodation block. 

Using a Ruthmann T330 truck mounted access platform, The Comprehensive Groups high level access team were able to access the exposed brickwork and gain critical measurements in order to source a replacement cladding panel. During the site visit, the team made sure the area was secured and any health and safety risk to the building inhabitants and surrounding population were minimsed.  

The Comprehensive Group’s West Midlands based procurement department managed to find and source a Trespa Panel to match the surrounding cladding panels within the clients designated project completion deadline. 

Matching cladding panel sourced, the high-level access team returned to site, accompanied with the Ruthmann T330 to fit and secure the new cladding panel to the affected area. 

Upon successful installation, the high-level access team then conducted a full, up-close building inspection to safeguard the rest of the cladding panels. The cladding inspection included capturing photographic evidence of the panels to be compiled into a report for issue to the client and building owner to future repairs and maintenance could be scheduled in. 

The exterior facades of many new and recently built accommodation and high rise office blocks are constructed from various component parts. These components are either installed during the erection onsite or pre-assembled in a factory, prior to delivery onsite. Cladding panels are becoming an important component in the architecture design to achieve unique appearances. However, new materials comes the potential for problems associated with the design, workmanship, longevity of materials and fixings. 

The Comprehensive Group have a growing division conducting exterior building inspections, with a focus on cladding panels at height. We work as either main contactor or subcontractor, based in the West Midlands but cover the entire UK & mainland Europe. 

Not only do we offer high level cladding inspections, we also conduct repairs and reports to high rise buildings using either IRATA trained rope access technicians and access machines. 

If you have a high-level access difficult and want a professional, trained specialist to inspect and carry-out the works, contact The Comprehensive Group today. 

The Comprehensive Group, West Midlands based rope access and high-level difficult access experts.