Difficult Access Pest Control – LBS Horticulture

Difficult access pest control, LBS Horticulture contacted The Comprehensive Group as their warehouse site had an ongoing pest control issue with pigeons choosing to roost and perch on the underside of a goods in / out canopy and messing everywhere. As The Comprehensive Groups client is one of the largest suppliers of horticulture, irrigation and landscape products in the UK, the risk of the birds choosing to explore the warehousing meant fast action was required. It’s not just the mess they make, it is potential damage to the canopy area which was becoming a concern. The spread of disease and potential of insect infestation meant the birds needed dealing with in a human but effective way.

Due to the difficult access location of the birds chosen perch, a difficult access expert was required to reach the affected area. The Comprehensive Group specialise in difficult access works using a range of MEWPs and rope access technicians. A service offered by The Comprehensive Group is pest control, west midlands and across the UK.

During the initial site inspection it was noted that LBS Horticulture had quite a severe pest issue. Meeting with their facility manager, a plan was devised to not only add deterrent spikes to the affected areas but to also conduct a full clean to the affected guano areas; canopy braces, window ledges and flooring area.

The Comprehensive Group worked out of normal office hours to avoid disruption to the sites operation to undertake the difficult access pest control measures. Using a truck mounted access platform, our technicians were able to gain access to the affected canopy braces to start the guano clean, moving onto the windows and window ledges and finishing with cleaning the floor area below.

Upon successful clean, pigeon deterrent spikes were then installed onto the canopy braces, window ledges and any other area of interest of the pigeon before handing the area back to the facility manager for site sign off.

If you are experiencing roosting / nesting birds that are causing a mess and your building needs a clean with deterrent actions being implemented, contact The Comprehensive Group. We are able to install a range of deterrents from bird spikes to netting.