Extractor Duct Removal – Birmingham

Extractor duct removal to Birmingham city centre building as part of an overall strip out and refurbishment project.

Rope access Birmingham based experts, The Comprehensive Group were instructed by the main contractor to use our rope access expertise to undertake the complete removal of a vast extractor duct. The main contractor had initially investigated the option of installing scaffold to undertake the extractor duct removal, however, excessive costs prohibited this solution and as a consequent the main contractor sought to use rope access to complete the removal.

The old Birmingham city centre building had a very old, metal extractor duct which was now obsolete and needed removing. The extractor duct rose up above the brickwork within an independent light well so the access was severely restricted. By utilising IRATA rope access technicians, The Comprehensive Group, undertook the complete removal of the vent, piece by piece at a very reasonable cost to the main contractor and also within a suitable timeframe. This ensured the main contractor remained within budget and project phase plan. During the removal, our in-house media team captured the below images and also put together the video which illustrates the entire rope access project and shows the benefits of rope access for the duct removal.

Watch the below video and explore our photo gallery of the extractor duct removal using rope access by The Comprehensive Group.

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