High Level Glass Change – Birmingham

No11 Brindley Place Glass replacement – Birmingham.

Contacted by the sites facility management firm, after a high level, difficult access glazed unit required replacing after suffering an impact which caused irreparable damage. 

The Comprehensive Group attended site to undertake an initial site survey with the FM manager, during the site visit we discussed in-depth the access options to efficiently and safely undertake the glass replacement. Whilst on site, our experienced project manager reviewed the buildings O&M manual to fully understand the construction of the glazed facade. 

The O&M manual review revealed the building to be constructed utilising a relatively unique, and not so common, external interlocking facade system. The result of this external locking system meant that during the glass replacement operation, exception care and complete attention to detail was required by our rope access glazing technicians. In order to carefully and successfully release the damaged glazed unit, the IRATA technicians needed to precisely cut the fin joints and subsequently remove the external fins, in turn releasing the broken glass unit. Upon successful removal of the damaged unit, a new replacement unit was positioned into place and installed. 

In order to avoid any disruption to the building tenants and local residents in the highly built up city centre location, not only did we utilise several IRATA trained rope access technicians to manually remove the external fins, we hauled the damaged and replacement glazed unit into place. This not only kept disruption to a minimum, it also enabled a faster replacement operation and cost savings for our client. 

During the operation we captured the below series of shots to fully illustrate the glass replacement project being undertaken. 

As a rope access company West Midlands, abseiling has become more widely recognised as a safe, effective and cost saving high level access solution, we’ve ensured our abseil technicians are at the forefront of site health and safety. No works will be conducted without the use of a level 3 trained IRATA technician as the site manager. Over our trading history we’ve been challenged by our clients to achieve the project requirements but these challenges have crafted us and our service offerings. Be it challenging access or tight deadlines we have sure to have worked on a similar project in the past. Our unique market position permits us to supply technicians who are not only abseilers but who are high level, qualified, working technicians so the inaccessible can become accessible with a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution. 

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