High Level Glass Change – Doncaster

High level glass change to a building located in Doncaster, England using a range of high level access methods including mobile scaffold tower and IRATA trained rope access technicians.

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by a facility management firm who were challenged with finding a glazing company who were able to access the external glazed fa├žade, curtain walling, and undertake the window repair.

Our client required a commercial glazing contractor who was able to carry out a high level glass change using specialist high level access methods due to the location of the defective glazing unit.

After we received the initial enquiry, we arrange for a site survey to take place. This helps us understand the scope of works and also ensure our cost proposal is accurate and every part of the project is accounted for.

At the site survey, it became evident that a combination of rope access and mobile scaffolding would be needed to conduct the high level glass change.

Something which is becoming more and more common with newly built structures is the inclusion of louvers to add charact to a building but also act as a sun block on the full glazed facades.

As depicted below and in our operation video, the louvers would need to be removed initially so the defected glazing unit could be accessed. The louver removal was conducted by our level three IRATA trained abseil technicians. After successfully removing the louvers, the defective glazing unit could be removed, transitioned to ground level and disposed of.

After cleaning out the aperture, the new glazing unit was manouvered into position and securely fitted.

Upon successful fitment, the site team then water tested and cleaned down the works area, before refitting the louvers and full site tidy. Ready for client inspection and sign off.

If you have a high level glass change or difficult access glazing refurbishment project, no matter how big or small, contact us today and we will arrange a free of change site visit to discuss your project.