Lightwell Refurbishment – Coventry

Lightwell refurbishment as part of entire building refurb project to high rise office block in Coventry.

Lightwells can often be found to add an outdoor space to an otherwise restricted building. A light well or light well, is an architectural feature that can be used to take natural light into the space below, either interior space surrounding the light well or at ground level below. A lightwell takes the form of a vertical shaft within the volume of a building that typically penetrates from roof level down to lower levels, allowing the transmission of natural light to areas that would otherwise typically require artificial lights. Sourced from;

Due to the construction of a lightwell, accessing the outer face to conduct any repair or refurbishment works is always tricky. This is where we are seeing a growing trend to use rope access to conduct the works. This was no different for this lightwell refurbishment project.

The Comprehensive Group were called by the main contractor responsible for undertaking a complete site wide refurbishment project to this building in central Coventry. We were called as a direct result of our high level, difficult access expertise. The main contractor had received several costs back for scaffolding out the lightwell so tradesmen could undertake required works. However, the cost and timeframe for scaffolding was not acceptable. This is where abseil access is the ideal solution!

Our IRATA trained abseil technicians undertook a complete external jet wash to the lightwell before commencing with rubbing down all the old paintwork, ready for adding two coats of top quality paint. Upon successful completion, our team then undertook sealing works to the external window frames. As part of the entire refurbishment project, the main contractor had instructed a different contractor to replace all the windows internally, but the external window frames needed sealing. Depicted below is a range of images taken from the project, where you can see the abseil technicians undertaking some of the works within the lightwell refurbishment; external window sealing via abseil, rubbing down all the brick work ready for painting. There are also pictures of the finished works, showing the aesthetic improvement.

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We’ve worked across the United Kingdom successfully delivering abseil painting contracts and this history of contracts means we are able to advise and recommend the best paint materials for ultimate weather protection and longevity whilst also ensuring the aesthetics needs of the client are met.