Multiple Glass Replacements – Coventry University

Multiple glass replacements to university building with a range of access equipment in Coventry.

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by Coventry University Site Maintenance team as they required a specialist access glazing firm to undertake multiple glass replacement to a city centre building.

After initial contact, we arranged for a site survey to view the damaged glazed units and discuss access methods with the maintenance team. It was clear at the site survey, various access methods were needed in order to undertake the multiple glass replacements. The biggest restriction and influencing factor for the requirement of different access methods was the ring road surrounding the University building. 

After initial site survey and inspection, our project management team spec’d to use a truck mounted MEWP along with IRATA trained rope access technicians as the best forms of access to reach and replace the multiple damaged glazed units. The truck mounted MEWP with a lifting arm was required as one of the damaged glazed units was located within a large overhang which did not allow for replacement via rope access. 

After submittal of detailed RAMS, our client was happy and approved our access method to conduct the glazed unit replacements. Alongside RAMS submittal, prior to works commencing, our in-house procurement team managed to source the same specification glazed unit for the replacement.

During the glazed unit replacements, our photographer captured the glass changes as shown in the below gallery. 

This project is a true representation that regardless of the window location which is damaged and requires replacing, we have certainly completed a similar high-level window replacement previously. Our in-house project team are able to propose a safe method of works to ensure the glass replacement at height in completed causing minimal disruption to the building occupants and surrounding public. Our site teams are adept in working out of hours or at weekends to undertake the high level glass replacement. Our commercial glazing contractor team will be able to supply all the required access equipment from cranes, road closures and the accompanying pedestrian & traffic management requirements to ensure the project is completed with minimal disruptions and health and safety at the forefront of any operation.

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