Multiple High Level Glass Changes – Bristol

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by Direct Line Insurance Group as one of their Bristol Offices required multiple high level glass changes.

In total there were four glass units which required changing due to cracks and blown units. The Comprehensive Group were contacted because we are trained rope access technicians who specialise in high level glass changes. The growing advantages of rope access for this type of work is becoming more and more known. Traditionally, for this type of project, the client would be required to have a road closure, traffic management and pavement closure for the crane and access method to reach the damaged window units. Opting to use rope access techniques results in none of these costly closures and management fees being incurred. Therefore the client experiences a reduced job cost along with a faster repair and no application paperwork and consultations are required.

The glazed facade of the Bristol office building required the rope access technicians to remove the bullet caps, transoms and cut out the butt seal mullions in order to remove the four damaged glazed units. After removing the damaged units, the rope access technicians then proceeded to clean out the aperture in preparation for the glass units to be installed.

The new units were then installed one by one. Rope access creates a freedom of movement for our technicians to multiple high level glass changes can be conducted in one operation. You do not need to erect and manoeuvre scaffolding or reposition truck mounts. Another advantage to rope access glazing repairs!

After installation of the new glazed units, a water test was carried out to ensure the new units were weather proof. A thorough clean down of the works area lead to a client inspection to sign the works off.

If you have a high level or difficult access window or glazing which requires repair or replacement Contact Us today and we will be pleased to assist you!