Rope Access Glass Change Aldi HQ – Atherstone

Rope access glass change to Aldi HQ in Atherstone, UK.

High level glazing replacement to glazed stairwell within the Aldi headquarters based in Atherstone, utilising rope access techniques and experienced glaziers. 

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by the site management team as a glazed unit situated within a curtain wall glazed stairwell facade required replacing after an impact had caused the unit to crack and pose a massive health and safety issue. 

Instead of being able to contact a standard glazier, the location of the damaged unit meant specialist access was needed to not only reach the glazed facade but to also safely undertake the high level glazing replacement. 

The glazed unit was located facing outwards towards a lake which dramatically restricted access, resulting in powered plant being unable to operate and reach the damaged unit. The result to safely undertake the replacement was the utilisation of IRATA trained abseil technicians. Rope access methods enabled access to the opposing side, reaching the glazed unit and permitting the damaged unit to be released and attached to a suction lifter attached to a crane. The crane was located on the other side of the building, on solid ground. Positioned to be able to reach up and over the building, allowing the damaged and new glazed unit to be lifted up and over the building. During the release of the damaged glazed unit and installation of the new replacement glazed unit, abseil technicians guided the units in and out of position. 

This complex operation was captured by our company photographer and fully depicted in the below album. 

This completed project showcases that regardless of the window location which is damaged and requires replacing, we have certainly completed a similar high-level window replacement previously. Our in-house project team are able to propose a safe method of works to ensure the glass replacement at height in completed causing minimal disruption to the building occupants and surrounding public. Our site teams are adept in working out of hours or at weekends to undertake the high level glass replacement. Our commercial glazing contractor team will be able to supply all the required access equipment from cranes, road closures and the accompanying pedestrian & traffic management requirements to ensure the project is completed with minimal disruptions and health and safety at the forefront of any operation.

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