Shopping Centre Sign Replacements – Derby

Shopping centre sign replacements by rope access to Derby shopping centre, now owned by Cale Street and re-named Derbion. Popular with shopping centre and building owners across the globe is installing branded signs to the internal external of the buildings so visitors and people nearby know who owns and manages the buildings and shopping centre. Recently in the UK, a large shopping centre business who specialised in owning shopping centres went into administration. This has resulted in a number of shopping centres changing ownership. As a result of a change in ownership, the new owners will want to put their own mark on the building. This usually involves removing old signage and installing new signs. This was the case with a shopping centre in Derby. Earlier this year, Cale Street acquired the Derby shopping centre and re-named it Derbion.

Part of the renaming required the shopping centre sign to be replaced. Due to the location of the external signage, rope access was the ideal means to replace the signs. The Comprehensive Group were instructed by the new owners to remove all previous owners signage and replace with new. There was signage to all four sides of the building so to erect scaffolding was near in impossible and the use of truck mounts were limited due to access restrictions. Planning the sign installs out of main centre opening hours meant inhabitants and the public would experience the least disruption possible. During the shopping centre sign removals, our in-house photographer captured the operation and can be seen on the video and through the images below.

In these challenging times, shopping centre sign removals and sign replacements are becoming typical works for The Comprehensive Group. Opting for rope access as the main access method provides ease of operation and highly versatile. So if you have a sign replacement or sign removal at a property within the United Kingdom, contact us today.