High Level Glass Replacement by Rope Access – Newcastle

High level glass replacement by rope access to Newcastle office block using specialist glazing and abseil techniques to complete the project.

Earlier in 2021 our Birmingham based rope access team successfully completed repaired several glazed sections of curtain walling that had shattered over time. The glazing onsite continues to be defective and as a result we were once again contacted by the facility management firm to undertake additional glazing repairs to the curtain walling. Once more The Comprehensive Group’s IRATA trained, glazing technicians undertook the high level glass replacement by rope access. 

Previously the project team had used a combination of rope access and MEWPs to access the defective glazing panels. However, as the damaged glazing panels this time were on the top floor, MEWPs could not be safely used to access. The client explored options of scaffolding but again like the first project we completed, scaffolding costs and disruption were deemed unnecessary. Together our project management team and our client worked closely to explore potential of road closure so a crane could be positioned and utilised to undertake the high level glass replacements but again costs and disruptions deemed this access option unviable. Consequently, the High level glass replacement by rope access was the best options.

The glazing panels on this site are oversized, as a result the project team had to implement specialist glazing techniques and abseil techniques to not only access the defective glazing but also manoeuvre the damaged and new glazed units out of the aperture and new into the curtain wall opening. 

To safely and effectively complete the High level glass replacement by rope access our project team designed and set up a unique hauling system to manoeuvre the glazed units from height to ground level.

The Comprehensive Groups vast glazing knowledge and expertise enabled the site team to undertake the glazing replacements with safety at the forefront of all parts of the project. To illustrate our expertise, we captured the entire project on the video below which you can watch by simply clicking the play button.

Further below are images of the glazing abseil team during the operation, highlighting our expertise and project completion.

If you have a glazed curtain wall which requires individual glazed unit replacement or repair through to complete glazing refurbishment, The Comprehensive Group can assist. We are adapt in working as either the main contractor or on a sub-contract basis. So Contact Us today to discuss your glazing project.