Masonry Repairs – Custard Factory Birmingham

Masonry repairs via rope access to the Custard Factory, Birmingham by west midlands based rope access firm The Comprehensive Group.

The Custard Factory, Birmingham, is a typical British constructed building, built out of bricks and mortar and externally painted to keep in matching with the surrounding buildings. Exposed to the British weather, over time the masonry had been attacked by frost, freezing temperatures and rain. As a result, some bricks were failing along with the mortar so masonry repairs were needed. This became more apart when a large brick course started to crumble away and fall to the ground in and around a public seating area. The failing brick course was not easily accessible and this is where high level access experts like us, The Comprehensive Group, can offer fast, efficient and cost effective solutions to undertake reactive repairs.

The facility management firm who were responsible for the upkeep and repairs to the building contacted us to undertake the masonry repairs. The reason rope access experts like us were contacted was due to our ease of access set-up. Scaffolding is a time intensive process that requires a significant planning and constructing time. It is also highly disruptive and space consuming. Rope access on the other hand is considerably faster to process, with the ability to be set-up within minutes for minor projects to only a few hours for larger, more complex works. Rope access also enables the technicians freedom of movement with minimal restrictions, again compared to scaffolding. 

Showcasing our reactive works capability, within 48 hours, we were able to visit site to undertake an initial site survey, quote for the masonry repairs, produce all site specific documentation and dispatch a rope access team to undertake the works. 

Utilising our in house IRATA trained rope access technicians, the team accessed the building face which required the teams attention. After abseiling down the building face, the team commenced with removing all defective brick courses and raking our the weathered mortar from the area. 

The team then begun re-laying the course of bricks alongside some re-pointing as part of the commercial stone refurbishment works.

Upon successful masonry repairs our rope access technicians then commenced with preparation of the painted area to apply a new coat of paint, ensuring the works would tie-in with the existing building fa├žade.

During the entire works project we captured the below images to showcase our rope access team in action.

If you have a building which requires rope access to undertake commercial concrete and stone refurbishment works, contact us today to arrange your free site survey.