Structural Stabilisation Works – Lichfield Cathedral

Structural stabilisation works by the installation of tension cables were required to internal beams within Lichfield Cathedral so external construction works could be undertaken safely.

Located in Lichfield, Staffordshire, Lichfield Cathedral is the only medieval English cathedral with three spires. As a result of the cathedral’s unique construction, additional structural stabilisation works were required to ensure on going external construction works did not affect the cathedral’s unique construction. 

The Comprehensive Group were contacted by the main contractor as they required a specialist access company to reach the internal ceiling of the cathedral and install multiple fixing points and tension cables for the structural stabilisation works to be undertaken safely. 

Utilising our IRATA level 3 trained abseil technicians, they ascended reaching the internal ceiling and commenced with drilling from the trusses and installing cables. Once the cables were installed, they were then tensioned to create additional stability to the unique window walls. 

As part of this project, our rope access technicians will revisit Lichfield Cathedral once the main contractor has completed the external works later this year, remove the tension cables and remove all signs of works so visitors are none the wiser to the works which have been undertaken.  

This project was unique in the requirements and building construction, however it is testament to the versatility and strength of rope access as a dominate access method within the construction industry.

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